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Michael Hope 6f45f4dd88
Added propeller mounts
3 years ago
EEZYbotARM + ‘EEZYbotARM/EBA_01.00.001.STL’ 5 years ago
bikemount bikemount: created a clamp and Pixel 1 holder that fits 32 mm handlebars 4 years ago
cookie Reinhardt cookie cutter 4 years ago
hab / ‘.gitignore’ 5 years ago
pi + ‘pi/’ 5 years ago
pipoint + ‘.gitignore’ 5 years ago
prop Added propeller mounts 3 years ago
revocam cad: created revocam, a SJCAM mount for a Traxxas Revo 1/16. 4 years ago
spdbt / ‘.gitignore’ 5 years ago
stands a40: support other angles; remove nubs; tweak phone position 3 years ago
worldclock worldclock: created 4 years ago
.gitignore / ‘.gitignore’ 5 years ago
.sparkleshare + ‘.sparkleshare’ 5 years ago