About Tracy

When I first wrote this I was 29, apparently into Desperate Housewives (whaaat?) and wrote the whole damn thing in the third person. Like a dick. The photo is out of date. The blurb was too. I’m too lazy to change the photo right now.

Occasionally I rethink the fact that I post pictures of my two children here. You won’t see their school uniforms and I try not to give away too much about where we live aside from the wider city, but realistically the internet is a big scary place full of freaks who can easily find out everything about you including exactly how much you recycle (and how big is your carbon footprint anyway?).

Now I’m 31, almost 32 I suppose 34 next week 35, although it doesn’t particularly bother me. I’m midway through I completed a teaching degree, full time, trying to balance that with spending time with the family, being involved at my son’s school and my daughter’s preschool kids’ school, and still having some version of a Life. So far so good.

Now I am a relief teacher, occasionally teaching at my kids’ school and in my son’s class full time teacher in a team-teaching classroom with another teacher and 45 delightful children. And we have a cat called Coco. And we have White People Problems (TM).

There are only a few other players in this particular circus: my husband, the two kids, sometimes extended family (whose photos I don’t post because I respect their privacy more than my own). This blog is primarily for friends who we don’t see every day, for whatever reason, and family, most of whom don’t live in our town. But if you don’t necessarily fit into those categories, welcome anyway.

Jan 06