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Things I have learned in Shenzhen:

— it gets surprisingly cold here…because you’re a lot further from the equator than you think you are.

— you can be in the most fancy modern shopping mall and still only have the option of squat toilets.

— beef tendons are a food.

— road rules are guidelines if that; put two cars on the same road and they will play chicken to get right of way.

— children are seen more at night than in the daytime.

— fish lips are a food.

— hawkers will stop their car on a corner and park, open the boot and sell their stuff for as long as they can. Other drivers steer around them.

— drives are constantly cutting each other off and honking, but no one seems to get angry or bear a grudge about it. People are simultaneously aggressive and patient.

— the right way to be a pedestrian is to step out when your light is green and studiously ignore any drivers who are trying to run you over. Odds are they won’t.

By Tracy

I used to have a cheesy intro page written in the third person, which always felt lame. I am a mother in my thirties working full time as a teacher, blogging for the sake of filling in time and spending too long on the computer when I could be cleaning.

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