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Okay, that was the first missed post. Let me tell you what I wore (and then what I ate, and how many times I checked my email–oh, I’m not that mean). Yesterday’s clothes were blue jeans and sneakers, a t-shirt that has a communist cat and the caption “Chairman Meow: Obey the kitty!” (because I am super cool). Also cardy and scarf, staples of my winter wardrobe.

So far I have managed to wear something different every day (with some overlap with jeans and cardies). I am slowly working out what is a wardrobe staple and what I will probably never wear.

Today’s photo will follow when Mike has decided whether he wants to make me look dwarfish or freakishly tall.

By Tracy

I used to have a cheesy intro page written in the third person, which always felt lame. I am a mother in my thirties working full time as a teacher, blogging for the sake of filling in time and spending too long on the computer when I could be cleaning.

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