rambling anecdotes

Sneaky butt! You’ve worked out a few tricks, you have.

Firstly, you can fib with the best of them: when I ask you if you have a stinky butt, you think about it briefly and answer with a very firm “no”.
Second, you know it’s not okay to push people, so tonight you were pushing Daddy, but saying “Press” instead of “Push”. Because pressing things is okay.

Dad was undressing you for bed just before and you’re a little tired and grumpy from being sick. When he took your shirt off over your head, it hurt your ears, and you turned to him and said, “No hurting.” I don’t think I’ve ever said that to you, although we often say “no touching” or “no pushing”. You’ve learned enough to apply a different verb. Cool!

We didn’t see Gedda and Lissy the other day after all, because you were asleep and your nap was more important at the time. Today you still have that gunked-up nose and that’s been joined by a chesty cough. You’ve been pretty easygoing all the same, which makes life easier all round.

By Tracy

I used to have a cheesy intro page written in the third person, which always felt lame. I am a mother in my thirties working full time as a teacher, blogging for the sake of filling in time and spending too long on the computer when I could be cleaning.

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