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The story so far

Name: Ethan Hamilton Hope

Age: 18 months, plus a week or so

Physical description: Short, dark blonde hair with a bathtime mohawk that never combs out, big deep blue eyes, pot-belly, red cheeks, serious expression, mouth usually open

Distinguishing marks: Eczema patches on back, scratch on cheek, some dribble on chin, outie belly-button, no back molars (yet)

Special talents: Quoting Homestarrunner, saying “Thank you” in sign language, dancing to the Jack in the Box song (not the burger chain), being a spazz, dancing to “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”

Favourite things: his Teddy, Finding Nemo, being warm, cuddles at bedtime, blowing kisses, string, playgrounds, running through the mall, any variation on peekaboo, putting something in the middle of the floor and running circles around it, running fullspeed into someone’s arms

Likes: singing, dancing, bouncing, curries, climbing on stuff, opening doors, riding his bike, throwing stuff, eating stuff, pouring water on stuff, licking stuff, playing with the computer, sleeping, waking up at midnight to play, trucks, diggers, cars, buses, bikes, drawing pictures, being naked

Dislikes: Clothes, baby corn, blue brie, sharing, the first two minutes of daycare, having to sit still, being behind a locked door, not having everything he wants

Words he says: too many to list, but highlights include oopsydaisy, all fall down, one-two-three, E-T-N! (spelling his name), up high, down low, open-shut, boing-boing, sit down, put-a-feet-down! (when pushing off the table in his highchair), draw picture, shark, fish, dog, panda, sore tummy/foot/toes, kiss-better, baweeted, monster-raargh, eat-a-tea, lunch (or yunch), breakfast (or beh-fash), lounge (younge), up-a-bed, Peter-Wolf, feed-a-bird/duck, nicely, cheeeeese, chicken, sausage (so-tish), Hannah, Matthew, Amelia (Mee-ya), George, Jake, Thomas, Trent, Rachel (all his friends), Nana, Grandad, Gedda, Pappy, Mummy, Daddy, Steve, Tim, Scott, Joda, Liss, oh-no, ohhh-mess, basket, drive-a-car, supermarket, shops, lolly, chips, news, Blues Clues, Hi-Five, Simpsons, Spider-Man (Pi-man – his dad taught him that)

Stuff he does: Escapes, drinks my coffee, tries to sneak beer, types on my keyboard, talks on the phone, pretends to drive the car, sniffs the flowers (except he blows out instead of breathing in), picks the lemons, chases the birds, draws pictures of colourful squiggles, eats with a spoon, wipes his own face and hands afterwards, brushes his teeth, operates heavy machinery

World-domination skills: extreme cuteness, can work the lights and wipers on the car, will soon be able to drive competently, demonstrates elementary computer hacking skillz0rs, could call China and leave horrendous phone bills in his wake, hits pretty hard, throws sharp objects well, climbs out of own bed, excellent tantrum skills, irritating whining sound around dinnertime

By Tracy

I used to have a cheesy intro page written in the third person, which always felt lame. I am a mother in my thirties working full time as a teacher, blogging for the sake of filling in time and spending too long on the computer when I could be cleaning.

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