Added some more golang notes.

Michael Hope 9 years ago
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@ -7,6 +7,9 @@ Bugs
2. The rover side halts after ~30s.
Seems to have cleared after changing the serial port read to all
bytes instead of 1 by 1.
Nope, still present. Perhaps noise causing a break or other error?
Added a watchdog to see if it's the inputs
Checked against pyserial. Match fine.
3. FIXED: Communication is unreliable until reflashed.
Running avrdude flash makes all frames come through. Before that
@ -75,3 +78,11 @@ to a float to multiply it by another float.
select across channels is nice.
The %+v struct-with-field-names formatter is nice.
No easy test for 'x in map'.
Strings are a funny mix of bytes and runes. Most work on bytes, but
range works on runes. Popping a rune from a string is messy.
The built-in types are good and generic and do things like return
specific polymorphisim. You can't do that on anything else.