From left to right: Prague for the 2010-07 sprint Orlando, Florida for the 2010-10 LDS Budapest for the 2011-05 LDS Dallas, Texas for the 2011-01 sprint San Francisco, California for the 2012-02 Connect Orlando, Florida for the 2011-10 Connect Brisbane, Australia for the 2011-01 LCA Hong Kong for the 2012-05 Connect San Diego, California for the 2012-08 Plumbers Copenhagen, Denmark for the 2012-10 Connect I’m missing a Cambridge mug for the 2011-08 Connect and Shenzhen for 2011-11.

Remote work from New Zealand

I’ve worked remotely since 2009. Here’s some random notes. Organisations The New Zealand Open Source Society: Canterbury Software Cluster: Institute of IT Professionals (old NZCS): Christchurch Robotics Club: