ArduRover based nppilot log

Day 1 Controller brownout when accelerating. I can reproduce this on the bench by gunning the throttle with the wheels off the ground. The documentation suggests that the power module is designed for 3S batteries, not the 2S equivalent that my 7.


The NAZE32 is a STM32 based flight controller. I own a rev5 version with the baro and magnetic compass that would be a great sensor and controller board for nppilot. This page has notes on the hardware itself.


A balancing robot written in Go and running on ARM Linux.


TCHAIN_PREFIX = arm-none-eabi- export CODE_SOURCERY = NO to skip -fpromote-loop-indicies Command line programming There’s an experimental command line programmer in ground/openpilotgcs/src/experimental/USB_UPLOAD_TOOL. Use to build it. Custom code The link command is

Solar power for my office

I’m getting a 10 square metre office built in the garden. Let’s solar power it! This page has notes. Most bits are from Jaycar. A 380 W pure sine wave inverter.


The Never complete; often never started autopilot.