• SDCC, the Small Device C Compiler, which can target the Intel mcs51, Zilog Z80, Nintendo Gameboy, Intel i186, Amtel AVR, and Microchip PIC series.
  • Reattore, an experiment in development methods that also happens to be a single threaded, non-blocking Java HTTP server experiment.
  • Jaune, a compiler and set of libraries that can be used to write programs in the Java language for small devices. Includes a basic set of class libraries, garbage collector, and set of examples that can be run on the Nintendo GameBoy.
  • Janszoon, a simple GPS client for the Palm with location and trip information.
  • GBTS, the Gameboy Terminal server.
  • pcemu, a portable XT level PC Emulator.
  • GBDK, the Gameboy development kit.
Michael Hope
Software Engineer