CH32V003 Mini Game Console build

I had fun building a few of wagiminator@’s CH32V003 based mini game console. This was my first time buying from LCSC, ad I was quite happy with the selection and turn around time. It’s always amusing needing a single $0.01 0603 resistor and having to order 50 of them.

There’s a few tweaks I’d make to the design:

  • Add backfeed protection for the battery. Currently connecting the debugger power and battery at the same time will feed power into the battery
  • Add reverse voltage protection for the debugger power. It’s three pins and too easy swap ground and power
  • Address brownouts when using the buzzer. The buzzer can take up to 100 mA, which is too much for a cheaper CR2032

Next is to dust off my port of Zephyr to the CH32V003 and port the games over.

Michael Hope
Software Engineer