The NAZE32 is a STM32 based flight controller. I own a rev5 version with the baro and magnetic compass that would be a great sensor and controller board for nppilot. This page has notes on the hardware itself.

The schematic is hard to find. The rev4 schematic is mirrored here. The CPU is a STM32F103CBT6 in a 48 pin package.


The two main connectors are the motor and receiver blocks. PPM input is on RX1.


  • UART1: pin 30, 31 to the CP2102
  • UART2: pin 12, 13 to RC_CH3, RC_CH4
  • UART3: pin 21, 21 mapped to SCL, SDA (so unusable)
  • UART1: pin 42 (TX), 43 (RX) to PWM3, PWM4 (motor block)

The other remaps aren’t brought out on the 48 pin chip.

Michael Hope
Software Engineer