LPC810 Hacking

The LPC810 is a Cortex-M0+ in a 8 pin PDIP.

PIO0_5 /RESET   (o   )  PIO0_0 U0_RXD
PIO0_4 U0_TXD   (    )  Vss
PIO0_3          (    )  Vdd
PIO0_2          (    )  PIO0_1 /ISPEN

See also the user manual.

Programming is over serial using lpc21isp.

The Sparkfun 3.3V FTDI cable is

Black  GND (o
Brown  CTS (
Red    VCC (
Orange TXD (
Yellow RXD (
Green  RTS (

RTS is an output, CTS an input. The LPC needs /RST and /ISPEN which is tricky. Tie low for development as you can send the GO command to run the user code.

Michael Hope
Software Engineer