I’d like to set up clean auto builds of my personal projects and some upstream projects like crosstool-ng, gcc, and binutils.

Clean install

I’d like the build to run in a clean setup so the base system can be used for general development without affecting the build results.

Some technologies are:

  • docker (LXC containers)
  • schroot (Debian specific chroot helper)

debootstrap or Ubuntu Core can be used for the base system. Use polipo as a cache for the packages.

Aside: what does the debootstrap buildd variant include?

  • /usr/share/debootstrap/scripts/ include the selectors
  • Adds build-essential (quite reasonable)
  • Or all tagged as Build-Essential


schroot is nice:

  • normal users can enter the chroot
  • you can spawn a session chroot off a seed
  • the startup scripts copy various files from the host across
Michael Hope
Software Engineer