Trojan+PX4 ready to fly

I picked up yet another board to try in my never-complete car autopilot project. This time it’s a Pixhawk PX4 (from ETH here in Zurich, woo!) with a FrSky PPM receiver, u-blox GPS, and 433 MHz telemetry mounted on my trusty P-28 Trojan.

Top view assembled

Under view of autopilot

Laser cutters are awesome. The baseboard that everything is mounted on was made by taking a basic sketch and measurements, drawing it in Inkscape, then cutting it out of 3 mm MDF (we were out of plywood…) on the laser cutter at work. Fast and accurate.

I’ll fly it tomorrow. The software has stabalisation, altitude hold, and a waypoint engine. It can also auto takeoff and auto land but that’s not a good idea on the grass without rangefinder.

Michael Hope
Software Engineer