The driving lunchbox

I found a good container to house the electronics on my never-complete autopilot project. Here’s some pictures of it mounted onto the car:




The car is a Conrad Rhino III buggy. It’s a cheapie house brand, but I’ve been really happy the toughness and level of technology so far. Two of the wheels fell off due to poor self-locking nuts but they were an easy fix. The mud is there for authenticity.

The container is a lunch box which gives me a 180 x 130 mm working area, some protection, and an easy way to keep out the dust. The plastic is a bit brittle so I’ll replace it in the future. The standoffs are M6 x 60 and are far too meaty for the job. I’m a bit worried the container will flex with vibration but it should stiffen up when I screw the Beaglebone Black into it. The clearance from the hot motor should be enough.

Next step is power for the computer. I’m thinking a ~1000 mAh 2 cell Lipo which should give a couple of hours of life.

Michael Hope
Software Engineer