First tries with Go

I’d like to learn Go, so I’m considering using for the command side of my never complete self driving RC truck project. Here’s some quick notes after a night of hacking:

  • Effective Go is short, detailed, and just right if you’re happy in other languages

    • Go 1.2 builds cleanly on a Samsung ARM Chromebook in a Ubuntu Saucy Crouton chroot

      • The emacs packages are in misc/emacs. Copy to ~/.emacs.d/lisp

        • Inside emacs, try go-mode and gofmt

          • encodings/binary can encode and decode bytes to structs, so that takes care of the message parsing.

          The target machine is a ARM Cortex-A8 based BeagleBone Black and so far the ARM support seems first class.

          Aside: You can do a surprising amount in GCC Go without touching the runtime. I wonder if you could write basic code for the AVR in Go?

Michael Hope
Software Engineer