Experiments with Fuse

Fuse is a quite complete Spectrum emulator with a very good Z80 core already used in the EightyOne Windows only ZX81 emulator. The core has many hooks in it for the various Spectrum functions that go on and is not as clean to separate out as I hoped – I’ll have to do a simple fork of it, clean out the Fuse parts and then put in the ZX81 parts.

There are other raw speed issues with the at least registers being in statics and memory being accessed through helper functions that will mean it is too slow on the GBA. One thing at a time though. First I’ll get the core running under ncurses on the Mac, then in a simple text mode on the GBA, then we’ll have a look at the speed. A good thing about the ZX81 is that the basic screen mode is pure(-ish) text encoded in a simple way so it can be rendered to a console easily.

Michael Hope
Software Engineer