Xport ordered

I ordered my Xport 2.0 for the GBA today. To do things the hard way, I’ve decided to get everything going under Mac OS X 10.3.

Notes so far:

  • Got the devkitARM r11 binaries for Mac. devkit Advance is apparently depreciated. Gives me gcc 3.4 at least.
    • Got the Xport Windows tools distribution from charmedlabs.com. Extracted it out and copied it over.
      • Got Boycott Advance v0.3.5. Apparently it’s the only emulator for Mac. No debugger support or source code.
        • The pre-built binaries work fine under Boycott.
          • Tried to re-compile the helloworld_c example. It links but doesn’t run.
            • The libgba supplied with Xport is unrelated to libgba from DKA.
              • Got the xport distribution from the sourceforge CVS.
              Next step is to re-build the Xport libgba and go from there.
Michael Hope
Software Engineer